PHP Charts from Database Query


Add Most Robust and Powerful Charts to your PHP Applications & Dashboard. Charts are Responsive & support Zooming, Panning,  Exporting, Events and several other features. It comes with various Chart types including line, bar, stacked column, grouped bar, bubble, area, pie, heatmap, histogram etc. You can generate database driven charts by simply providing SQL Database query. It supports all major database engines including Oracle, SQL Server, IBM DB2. Mysql, Postgres etc. Charts 4 PHP API allows you to quickly retrieve data from your databases, and visualize your data through variety of Charts types. Charts 4 PHP Framework code and API is very simple and easy to learn and use which increase your development speed and reduce time to have great looking HTML5 Charts into your PHP application.

Line Chart

Bar Chart


Bubble Chart


Pie Chart


Meter Chart

Donut Chart

Area Chart


Bar Stacked Chart


Funnel Chart


Heatmap Chart


Histogram Chart


Candlestick Chart


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