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Added Target line support in Bar chart

As Charts4PHP is now supporting target line in bar chart, you can now create the bar chart along with horizontal target lines: Refer documentation for more information and usage.   Whats Next: To download latest free version (with limited features), please visit...

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Charts 4 PHP v2.3 Released!

Charts 4 PHP Team has always emphasized on improving the customer experience by making charts more flexible and easy to use. Here are the amazingly new July’s update:   1. Google-Spreadsheet with Charts 4 PHP framework : You can now connect google-spreadsheet and...

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KPI Boxes supported now!

A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a company is achieving key business objectives. Organizations use KPIs at multiple levels to evaluate their success at reaching targets.You can now add KPI boxes using Charts4PHP...

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Added Line Bar combination chart with multiple axis

As Charts4PHP is now supporting combination chart, you can now create the line and bar combination chart to show multiple values against a single axis range or plots multiple sets of data on a single chart. Refer documentation for more information and usage. Whats...

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New Dashboard Templates

We recently added Chats4PHP pre-integrated Dashboard Templates to quick-start building your corporate business dashboard in no time. It contains usage demos of how to use static & database driven charts in dashboard templates. These Bootstrap templates support...

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Added support for transparent background Charts

With transparent background charts, you can now create much more attractive dashboards by specifying your favorite background image. Charts will become full transparent or translucent based on your configuration. For usage, you can simply set bgcolor property and...

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Dark Theme Support

We've added great looking dark theme support in our charts. You can now switch between light/dark theme with simple settings. Here are few screenshots:   Whats Next: To download latest free version (with limited features), please visit our Download page. For...

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Charts4PHP & CodeIgniter Quickstart

We've added a tutorial on how to use Charts4PHP with CodeIgnitor framework.   Transcription - I'm going to show you how to integrate Charts4php with Codeigniter framework. - And to save...

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Custom Branding: Add your own Logo to Charts

You can now add custom logo to your charts and position them at corners. You can also adjust transparency of the brand logo. You can adjust logo positions to: Top Left Top Right Bottom Left Bottom Right Center and set logo image transparency between (0-1). 1 means...

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Database Integration

Greetings everyone! As promised, new exciting features are bundled in this release! Now you can integrate database with your charts using simple sql query. Read more to learn about basic steps to integrate database below. First Step is to set database configuration in...

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Charts 4 PHP v2.0 Released!

Hello everyone! We're back again with new updates! Charts 4 PHP v2.0 has been released with more exciting features. Create stunning and informative charts & dashboards using our new charting library (based on D3.js). New fresh design with completely re-written...

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Social Network Pages added!

Greetings everyone! Now you can catch our product updates on your favorite social portals! Please follow us on your favorite social network using links in footer....

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